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Best 50 Social Bookmarking Site List in 2017 [Updated]

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Best 50 Social Bookmarking Site List in 2017 [Updated]

Best 50 Social Bookmarking Site List in 2017 [Updated]

I know most of the marketers are against of social bookmarking sites for back linking. But they have some excellent effect when you are launching a new site. You can make your first few links with some good social bookmarking sites. But you should keep one thing in your mind that you can’t get a good result with those links until those sites has high PA and DA. Some of the social bookmarking sites pass link juice to your site and some are of no follow. But don’t be tensed about the no follow links. Google wants different types of links for your site. No follow and do follow both are good for your site, just you have to be smart enough to make a balance between no follow and do follow.

There are significant facilities of social bookmarking sites. You can index faster when you are using social bookmarking sites for your backlinks. Some social bookmarking sites has high domain authority which can play an important game to rank your site. Social bookmarking sites helps the search engine to know what kind of site you are running. When you are bookmarking your site to a social book marking site, there are some options like- tags, category and some others. Some social bookmarking sites also has the voting system; it helps you to know how people are interacting with your site. But the most difficult part of social book marking is finding a high authority site.

How to Submit your link on Social Bookmarking Sites?

Submitting a link on social bookmarking site is not a difficult job. You can do it with a few clicks. Usually you will see that there are different categories in a social bookmarking site from where you can select a specific category related to your niche. After selecting the category, you have to describe about your link. But keep in mind that you are not using the same description for every site. You should use different unique description for a better result. Some of the social book marking sites has the facility to give some tags. You can use your main keywords as your tags. After giving a unique description and the tags, you can submit your link for bookmark. Some sites need a little bit time to accept the link and some site takes the link instantly. Let me make your work a little bit easy. Here I am sharing 50+ social bookmarking sites list where you can submit your link for a good result for your site.

How To Check A Social Bookmarking Sites Authority?

There are different factors to make a decision that the site has a good authoprity or not. First of all you can check the Domain Authority (DA) and the Page Authority (PA). You can check them with a simple extension of your browser. The extension is MOZ bar. If you are chrome browser user, then you can add the moz extension from here Chrome Extension. If you are a firefox user then you can search on the add ons to find the MOZ bar. When you are visiting a site, MOZ bar will show you the Page authority of that page and the domain authority of that site. After checking the PA and DA, you can check the site’s age. If yhou find that he site is a little bit older, then you can go for it. You can also check some other SEO factors to know if the site has a good authority or not.

Social BookMarketing Website List

2,Bookmark Manager,BookMax,BuddyMarks,Citeulike
6, Hyperlinkomtic,189,Icio,IkeepBookmarks
12,Stumbleupon,StyleHive,Tagza,Yahoo Bookamrks

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