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How to Start A Small Niche Site: A Step By Step Killer Guideline

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How to Start A Small Niche Site: A Step By Step Killer Guideline

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How to Start A Small Niche Site: A Step By Step Killer Guideline

Niche site, the popular way to make money online with a little investment. I know a lot of people who are thinking to make serious money by building a niche site. But have you ever thought how much time you needed and how much skill you needed to build up a profitable niche site? Most of the people around the web are standing a significant point which is the starting. Many people just think that they will build a niche site which will generate passive income for them but hey don’t start. Keeping that thing in mind, today I am going to share with you the step by step guideline.

After reading this guideline with detail, you will be able to make your own niche site which you can monetize in many different ways. But the main factor of this game (yeah, I call it a game) is selecting a good niche where you can create some resource for people.

What Is A Niche Site Actually Is?

Well, Niche site is mainly a small site where you make a site for any specific topic. It can be anything. People find some good search volume and low competition keywords for the topic and then try to find a domain name related to the topic. It is better if you find an exact match domain. It will help you a little bit to rank your site faster. But if you don’t get an exact match domain, don’t be worried.  You can use another domain name which is related to your niche. After setting up the site, you have to make some related quality links and you will find some positive result soon, it happens because you have selected low competitive keywords. You can monetize your site for affiliation, adsense  or for some other as you wish. A niche site can make $300 to $3000 depending on your effort.

 As it is the niche selection guideline, so the first step you have to consider is selecting a profitable niche. Like the other marketers I also want to suggest you to brainstorm as much as you can. The first step I follow when I build my own niche site is brainstorming. Think about the niches as much as you can. See around what s people are searching and what is they are interested to get. You can follow different forums to get ideas. You will find a lot of people are searching solution about different things in the forums. I love to search on reddit. Here you will find a lot of sub reddits with different topics. If you want to make an amazon niche site, then you can browse the categories of amazon to know which products are selling in the market like crazy. One of the sites which will help you to find a niche site is

You can search here by the categories or by the alphabets. It depends on you which one you love most. See in the screenshot, click on the topics where I have pointed. After clicking the page you will find different categories and also the alphabets. Now, you can search as you wish.

The next thing you have to do is listing the niche ideas you have found in different places. It can be a list of 12-15 different niches where you want to create your site. Now the tough work you have to do is narrow the niche list. You can narrow the list based on some several factors. You may want to know how I narrow down my list. Check it in the following:

  1. First of all search some keywords in google related to your niche to know how much competition is in the niche. Check the first pages, sites and analyze them. Check competitiors’ sites Page Authority, Domain Authority, Links and some others. You can check them using this moz chrome extension.
  2. Check the number of audience in the niche by Google Adwords. Just insert your niche name in the search box and see how much audience exists in the niche. See in the screenshot. Here I have searched dog as the niche and it is showing that there is almost 4 million audience only in USA. In the same manner you can search for your niche.

If you want to make a niche site for affiliate marketing, then search online how many products are available related to your niche. On the other hand, if you want to make a niche site for adsense then you should check the CPC of the advertisers to know the value of your keywords. You can easily check it by Google Adwords.

If you have got a positive result from all the searches then you can go for the niche.


Keyword Research

After finding a niche, the second important step is keyword research. If you do the keyword research perfectly, then it can be said that you have done 50 percent of your site. Because if you can find some low competitive keywords with smart search volume, then you can get a lot of traffic within a short time. You can use both free and paid tools for keyword research. I usually use paid tools to know the keyword difficulty. You can always do them with free tools. But free tools are very much time consuming. If you use paid tools like long tail pro instead of free tools, then it will save your time. Here I will show you both the use of free tools and paid tools.

Keyword Research Using Adwords

First of all find some seed keywords related to your niche  to reveal the keyword treasury. If you are creating a niche site for affiliate marketing like amazon affiliation, then you have to use some buying tends keywords for maximum profit. Okay, what are the buying tends keywords? You can add some prefix to find the buying keywords. Here are some prefixes and suffixes which I use to find buying keywords.

Best + keyword + Year (like 2016) Buy + keyword Where Can I Buy + keyword Quality + keyword keyword + For Sale Bargain + keyword Best/Top Rated + keyword Cheap + keyword Best + keyword + Online Best + keyword + Review

If you are promoting affiliate products for amazon affiliation or something else for affiliation, then the best way is to go for at least 1000-5000 search volume keywords. Another important thing is the CPC of your selected keywords. Why CPC? Well, it tells you how much valued keyword it is. If you find that the CPC of a keyword is higher then you can remain sure that the keyword is a buying keyword and that is why advertisers spending more money on that keyword.

Keyword Research With Paid Tools

After finding some good keywords it is the time to checking the keyword competitiveness with a paid tool. Though you can check it with manual processes. But I prefer paid tools to save time. And time is money for me. There are different types of paid tools to find keyword competitiveness. As for example: Longtail Pro, Market Samurai, SEM Rush, MOZ keyword research tool and some others. Personally, I use Longtail Pro to find keyword competitiveness. You can add up to 10 seed keywords at a time to find related keywords and the keyword competition. Longtail Pro will allow you to find Google title competition, Bing Title Competition, Local Search Volume, Global Search Volume, Number of Words on the keyword, Suggested Bid, Advertisers Competition, Domain Availibility

To find keywords with longtail pro, first of all click the plus button in the left corner and then you will find a box where you can create a new project. Select your keyword preference and create the project. After creating the project, you have to add the seed keywords for your site. After adding the seed keywords, click the button “Generate Keywords And Fetch Data”.

It will instantly bring 801 keywords related to your seed keyword. You can sort the keywords by the search volume, by the number of words and many more. After sorting the keywords, just simply click the button calculate. Depending on your net speed it will take a few minutes to show you the data. Try to find some keywords which has KC (Keyword Competition) below 30. In my personal opinion, better to go for a keyword which has a KC below 25. It will help you to rank your site faster.


Finding A Perfect Domain Name:

After getting a low competitive niche and some good keywords related to your niche, you have to find a domain name related to your niche. The best way is finding an exact match domain. Suppose your niche is survival knife, then try to find a domain name like or To find the domain names instantly, I use After going to the site, you can type your keyword in the search box. If the domain is available, then it will show that this domain is available. It will also suggest some domain ideas for you to find domain names related to your search. After finding a perfect domain name, you can order it from some popular domain providers. I use Namecheap to buy a domain name for my niche site. You can also use GOdaddy to buy a domain name.

Hosting For The Niche Site:

Hosting the site is an elementary step of building a niche site. But is so much important for your site. Why? Because a lot of things (traffic, site speed and some other) depend on hosting. I will recommend you to use either Bluehost or Hostgattor. In both of the web hosting service provider, you will find a push button easy WordPress install. This button will allow you to host your site with a few simple steps. There are also some other companies which you can use for your niche site hosting.


How to create Small Niche Site:Step by Step Guideline


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Setting Up The Site: After finding a particular niche and quality keywords related to your niche, the important step come is setting up your site. You can use a free CMS to set up your niche site. Personally, I love WordPress CMS for niche blogging. But why WordPress? Because you will find a lot of resources related to WordPress to make your site more efficiently. If you wish,you can buy a premium WordPress theme for your niche site. For on-page SEO of the site, I will recommend you to use the yoast SEO plugin. Here I am giving a checklist to launch your site with WordPress.

Select domain name: Find a perfect domain name which is closely related to your niche. Better to use an emd (exact match domain), pmd (partial match domain) or a brandable name. If you have a target to establish your niche site as an authority site in the near future, then I will recommend you to use a brandable name.

Register/Configure Your Domain Name: As I have mentioned above, after finding a good domain name, register your domain name with any well known domain provider service. You can use namecheap or godaddy for your domain registration.

Setting Up Web Hosting: Using Bluehost or Hostgattor, you can host your niche site easily, as they have a push button called easy WordPress install. It will help you to host your site with some simple steps.

Install WordPress: The best CMS (Content Management System) is WordPress. It is the best platform for blogging or affiliation. A lot of resource available for WordPress.

Install WordPress Plugins: Install the necessary WordPress plugins for your niche site. For onpage SEO, you can use the yoast SEO plugin.

Premium WordPress Theme: Use a professional and premium WordPres theme for your niche site. You can also use a lot of free WordPress theme. You can check some free WordPress theme here.

Optimize WordPress Theme: Optimize your WordPress theme and make it more SEO friendly o get more organic traffic.

Optimize WordPress Theme: Optimize your WordPress theme to show more related posts to engage your traffic with your post. It will also help you to decrease the bounce rate of your site.

Setting Up The Social Media Profiles: Make social media accounts or pages with the popular social media platforms. I mainly prefer Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, interest, Instagram. You can also use the other social media platforms. Earn your first few backlinks from the social media platforms and all of them are totally free. And you can see in different blogs that social signal is an important factor to rank a site.

Configure Google Analytics: After doing the above processes, configure your site with your google analytics account. If you don’t have an account for analytics then just open a gmail account and use the mail account to open your analytics account. It will help you to know where from your traffic is coming and which keywords are getting more information.

Add About Us Page: It is mandatory to add an about us page to your site. It makes your site more professional and google gives values for this. It makes sense to google that you are a human and you serious about your site.

Add Privacy Policy Page: Another important thing about the site. If you are going to monetize your site with amazon affiliation or something other for affiliation, then it is mandatory to add a privacy policy page. F you want to apply for the google adsense , then you can’t apply for it without a privacy policy page.

Add Affiliate Disclaimer Page: To do any type of affiliation, you should add an affiliate disclaimer page to your site to make concerning your audience that you are doing affiliation. It also helps google to know that your site is doing affiliation of another site.

Add Contact Form: Add a contact form to your site. If you are thinking to do amazon affiliation, then it is mandatory for a site to add a contact form.

Monetize Your Niche Site: If you want to monetize your site for google adsense, then make sure that you have at least 30 posts on your site. You can also monetize your site for affiliation. There are different platforms for affiliation. But my recommendation is to do amazon affiliation. Why amazon? Because people have more trust in the physical products. And amazon has a good affiliate commission. They save cookies for 24 hours. That is if someone has clicked on your link and purchased the product during 24 hours, then you will get the commission.

Okay, here I am stopping. But feel free to ask anything about niche blogging. We are waiting to hear from you. Happy blogging.

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