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Top 10 Website to Learn Web Design-Start Your Web Design Journey

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Top 10 Website to Learn Web Design-Start Your Web Design Journey

Top 10 Website to Learn Web Design-Start Your Web Design Journey

Learning web design is not a difficult thing if you know the valuable resources to learn web designing.  You can learn yourself just by following some amazing web design resources. You may find it is difficult at some times, especially when you don’t know from where you should start. The best way to learn web design is using the web based resources. Because you will get ton of sites from where you can learn like a pro. And the best part is you can find instant solution just by commenting on the post. Today I will share a list of top 10 web sites to learn web design.


Lynda is a great online resource to learn web design and development. They have a huge collection of video tutorials. And they have categorized them by beginner, intermediate and advanced. You can get the access of all these tutorial by taking a monthly membership of their site. If you are a newbie, then you can start your learning by the beginner courses. Just keep steady and you will be able to learn within a short time just by following the steps they have described in their video courses. After getting the membership of the site, just go to the site and write the topic in the search box you want to learn. It will show instantly the courses, you can filter them by courses and videos, also by the beginner, intermediate and the advanced.


Treehouse is not a free resource. It is the leading premium site to learn web design. Though this is a premium site, but you can be benefited a lot with their tutorials. They have two different monthly subscription plan. You can choose as you wish. For every programming language, they have different tracks. Tracks has different videos which you will help you to learn a thing from beginning to the advanced level. For every learning program, there is an instructor who will provide you the necessary info. They have structured each of their tutorial like the university course material. It is up to you how you are using them for your learning process.

Tuts Plus

Tuts plus has two different ways to learn web design and development. They are free tutorials and paid courses. Both are highly informative, so you can learn a lot of things from their site. Free tutorials are mainly based on some specific things. Suppose how to make the site responsive. But in the premium section, you will get a lot of informative courses to make yourself a better web designer. I can bet you that if you follow their tutorial perfectly then you will be a good web designer within a short time.


This is a good place of paid tutorials. You can search here for any topic and it will appear a lot of video courses for you. The best thing I love about this place is the review section. Before buying a course, you can check how much students has enrolled the course and what is their feedback. This is not only a good resource of web design tutorials; you can find many different courses for different topic. Sometimes you will find discount coupons for the site which you can use to buy a course with a low cost.


When you are searching about a website to learn web design, you will find every site is so much colorful and they have arranged their site with a good decoration. In the other hand, w3school has a flat and plan designed website. But if you are a beginner then you can start with this site. They have all the tutorials in plain language and easy explanation. Anyone who has just started to learning web design can use this site without any doubt. W3schools has some amazing tutorials about html and CSS. After completing these basic tutorials, you can go for some advanced tutorials or courses.


Codeacademy is another course based web site and the resources of Codeacademy is free. They have sets of videos on different topics. Though they have a small amount of tutorials, but every courses have the detailed guideline from begging to the end. They have a lot of examples, some of them of html, some of CSS and so on. You will be able to make a web site if you follow the full guideline of any of the language. I will suggest this site for those people who want a learn a thing by doing the thing.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an award winning online resource. This online resource was founded in 2006 and till now, they are providing a lot of quality educational material. This is a nonprofit organization, that is you don’t have to pay a single penny for any of their course. Web design and development section of khan academy very new. They are mainly focusing on java script at the begging. If you are searching about html and css then this is not the right place.

Code School

This is another good place to learn coding. But this is not a free site to learn web design. You have to pay a little amount to take their subscription. Though this is a paid site to learn but you will be amazed with their guideline. Outlook of this site is amazing and there is available a search box from where you can search about the topic you want to learn.

CSS Tricks

If you ask a web developer expert to learn web design, then he will obviously mention the site CSS tricks. This is an amazing place to learn front end development. You can start any of the language from the beginning with the CSS tricks. In every week, they publish a new article on new things. You can get tips about coding, code snippets and detailed example of different problems. Though you learn from them without any charge but they have also a premium section where you will find advanced tricks and tips.


Codrops is an amazing learning place for both web developers and web designers. You can start with any of the tutorial they are providing. This site can’t make you an expert from the newbie, but you can learn a lot of new things. Here you will find a lot of code demos which will help you a lot. All of the tutorials of codrops has come with a code package and you can download them. So you will be able to look through yourself, and you can analyze them for your further task.

I hope this list will be helpful for you. Please give me a feedback so that I can understand how they are helping you to learn web design.

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